Amsterdam, 25 June 2013 – After a successful show in 2012 designer Rebecca Ward returns to the Amsterdam Fashion Week. On the 14th of July 2013 she will show her PARASOMNIA collection. Parasomnia’s are a collection of disorders that disturb the sleep process, disrupting the entrance into or arousal from sleep. They cause symptoms such as sleepwalking and confused awakening from sleep, blurring the boundaries of the real and the imagined.

It is the ephemeral moments between sleep and the waking hours where Rebecca found inspiration for her PARASOMNIA collection. The designs float between the tangible reality and the intangible and psychological dream state. Rigid leathers are punctured by softer, delicate fabrics, as dreams that penetrate the physical world. The wearer is literally trapped between dream and reality.


Rebecca Ward completed her undergraduate study in New Zealand, then moved to Europe to further her education at Central St Martins in London and Fashion Institute ArtEZ in The Netherlands, where she completed her Masters in fashion design. Rebecca followed this up with internships at Iris van Herpen and And Beyond, to gain practical experience. It is Rebecca’s strong belief that fashion design should not just spark strong emotional responses, but also intellectual curiosity. This is a key consideration in all aspects of her work.

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