Socks With Sandals: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Say Yes

Before we talk about socks and sandals, let me preface: I’m the first to jump on board with any outlandish trend, I really am. I was howled at for wearing turbans before they hit the Prada runways way back when; I was happy to look ridiculous in waiting-for-a-flood trousers before Thom Browne made it a look (I’m not saying my ego wasn’t secretly bruised when the onslaught of hate hit, but whatevs—owning it is everything, right?). However, one look I’ve never seemed to wrap my head ankle around is the sock-plus-sandal pairing. It’s just been my utmost style conundrum. Now that not one but three of my everyday muses have rocked the combo just recently, I’m really wondering if I need to finally push this envelope. You know, for fashion’s sake (and the added perk of not having to get a pedi in this transitional weather!).

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been and always will be my tops, and here they are prancing about in socks and Birkenstocks.


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