TEDx Binnenhof – AMAZING

What a “Venue” and what a vibe…… we were amazed at the TEDx Binnenhof event where 11 brilliant minds talked about innovation, sustainability, green thinking and  future projects for a better life. Check TEDx website for all the informations.

These were the great minds with great innovative ideas:

Bert Weckhuysen “A city that runs on CO2″ Climate action
Jeroen Rondeel “Milking nutrition from plants” Food security
Heleen Herbert “Never waste good potential” Efficient energy
Rudi Dieleman “Turning coffee waste into a premium” Sustainable agriculture
Jeoffrey van den Berg “How to control explosive enthusiasm” Resource efficiency
Coen van de Steeg “WeHelp, the power of together” Well-being
Barry Scholten “Water management to the next level” Efficient energy
Marjolein Helder “It’s not easy being green” Clean energy
Onno van Schayck “A lifetime of fresh air” Health
Andro Vos “Forensics without borders” Secure societies
Mike Eman “Creating sustainable hapiness” Inclusive societies


All these brilliant minds had some time to explain their dreams, they dream big and we love it.

Someone was emotional someone was brave all were great and enthusiast.

The event it’s been organized with style and taste everything was curated in details and the stunning location was the ideal frame for this event.

Minister of Economic Affairs, Henk Kamp, gave the impact event a jumpstart by driving the Stella, the prototype of the solar family car, from there to the Binnenhof.

However, impact was not only  generated by this side event: there were  live connections to 25 viewing parties in The Netherlands and to 42 Dutch embassies across the globe!

We will keep you informed about this amazing event and we will come back soon with a complete reportage we made.

In the meanwhile have a look at the official photogallery of TEDx Binnenhof.


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