Fashion Food at – “Schloss Schauenstein FÜRSTENAU, SWITZERLAND”

Switzerland’s star chef holds court in a breathtaking location

An 18th century castle in the Swiss Alps is the fairytale setting for one of Europe’s most enchanting restaurants, where diners are taken on ‘a journey of the senses’. Suave chef-patron Andreas Caminada weaves culinary magic behind the stove, creating perfectly balanced dishes that explore aromas, textures and flavours with great aplomb.

His refined style of cooking was forged in fine dining restaurants, such as Wirtschaft zum Wiesengrund in Zurich and Bareiss in Germany, where he trained before taking over at Schloss Schauenstein in 2003. Fast-forward to 2010 and Caminada was awarded three Michelin stars at the tender age of 33. The chef’s meteoric rise and undeniable good looks have made him something of a poster boy for Swiss cuisine, but his growing celebrity status has not lessened his commitment to the kitchen. There is creativity and technique in abundance in dishes such as sweet roasted langoustine, lifted by a delicate lime mousse and Amalfi lemon confit, while marinated goose liver is perfectly matched with zesty goats’ cheese and sweet maize in various guises, including ice cream and gazpacho.

The restaurant’s elegant splendour and mountain views all add to what is a very special dining experience, while grape-lovers will enjoy the selection of Swiss wines, which takes in steely chardonnays and supple pinot noirs.


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