This Perfume Is Better Than a Power Suit

Yves Saint Laurent’s L’Homme Parfum Intense is undeniably a fragrance for men. Its top notes — bergamot, citron, and black pepper — smell really manly. But with the addition of sensual middle notes, like violet and orange, and a base of cedar and suede, it becomes light enough to pass as a woman’s scent.

It smells warm, inviting, and powerful, yet lacks the giveaways of a cologne; it doesn’t have the usual woodsy musk that makes you crinkle your nose. When I first came across the scent, I sprayed it hesitantly at first, unsure whether it was right for me. But once on my skin, it just smelled great. Call it a liquid power suit for both sexes: L’Homme Parfum Intense is the get-shit-done fragrance.

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