Explaining Taylor Swift’s Odd, But Hilarious, T-Shirt

First things first: If everything I’m covering here is brand new to you, don’t stress—a group email sent around about it left me puzzled and feeling like I’d aged about 20 years into someone who didn’t understand Twitter or what a selfie was. The facts go as such: Taylor Swift took over her Tumblr page, significant since pages like this are often overseen by a team of social media pros or someone from the management side of things. And she got right down to business, posting this close-up selfie wearing what could be a rather weird t-shirt.


Except that if you’re in the know (which I wasn’t) you’re aware that it’s referencing this odd internet meme, where someone posted a picture of a girl (Taylor) with the caption about it being her friend Becky who died from snorting marijuana. When another commenter called her out, saying it was Taylor, the person deadpanned “no its Becky.”

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