You Must See These Wild National Costumes From the Miss Universe Preliminary Show

Miss Universe may take place this Sunday, but the preliminary show has already happened, and with it, brought the most fantastic, over-the-top national costumes round I’ve ever seen. Here, 11 you definitely do not want to miss.

miss-universe-singaporeMiss Singapore: Rathi Menon

miss-universe-irelandMiss Ireland: Lisa Madden

miss-universe-trinidad-tobagoMiss Trinidad and Tobago: Jovan King

miss-universe-portugalMiss Portugal: Patricia Da Silva

miss-universe-germanyMiss Germany: Josefin Donat

miss-universe-indiaMiss India: Noyonita Lodh

miss-universe-argentinaMiss Argentina: Valentina Ferrer

miss-universe-venezuelaMiss Venezuela: Migbelis Castellanos

miss-universe-canadaMiss Canada: Chanel Beckenlehner

miss-universe-guetemalaMiss Guatemala: Ana Montufar Urrutia

miss-universe-sri-lankaMiss Sri Lanka: Marianne Page

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