What Does It Mean If You Wear the Same Pieces of Jewelry Every Day?


There are two basic ways of wearing jewelry: You either leave the same simple pieces on, day after day, or you routinely switch it up, rocking a chunky statement necklace on Tuesday, dangling earrings on Wednesday, and then, hello there, a stack of bracelets on Thursday. I’m usually of the first camp, sticking with the same thin necklace and stud earrings (and I have a suspicion Kristen Wiig is too after noticing her wearing not mega jewels but a more everyday combo of layered necklaces at a few recent red carpet events).

“When a woman wears the same pieces every day, it can say that she really knows who she is and owns her personal style,” Callie Smith, director of jewelry curation at Gemvara, explained to me. “Most of these women are busy, on-the-go, and not fussy about style. If it has a lot of meaning to them and that’s why they wear it on a daily basis, it highlights a sentimental quality.”

Of those special pieces, there’s the obvious (a wedding band and engagement ring), but it doesn’t always have to be from a lover. “Sometimes it’s been passed down. Other times, it’s a piece they bought themselves to commemorate an achievement or remind them of their own strength,” Callie said. “Wearing a piece of jewelry is a wonderful way to keep that meaning close at all times.”

I got the chance to quiz Callie surrounding Gemvara’s recent launch of GV, a build-your-own area with simple styles perfect for everyday wearing.

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