8 Amazing New Handbag Brands That Will Inspire You to Go Shopping Now


If there’s one thing we learned from the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag phenomenon, it’s that when you find a bag you love, buy it immediately or risk being wait-listed.

So whether you’re still on the wait list for a Mansur Gavriel bag or are simply on the hunt for a terrific everyday handbag, scope out these styles from eight new brands we’re beyond excited about.


The Brand: Gunas New York

The It Bag: The Flamingo satchel, $165
Why We Love It: This vegan bags hits all the high notes: Great color, silhouette, lots of details, and it’s affordable.


The Brand: Mandy Chang Design Studio

The It Bag: The Pushing the Envelope tote, $480
Why We Love It: It’s no surprise that this bag earned the top prize at the Independent Handbag Awards earlier this month. It’s angular but graceful at the same time. It’s an ideal work bag.


The Brand: Little Liffner
The It Bag: The Saddle Up bag, $279
Why We Love It: Swedish designer Paulina Liffner delivers luxurious elements, such as lizard embossing and custom hardware, at a fair price. This saddle bag’s got them all.


The Brand: Vaska Bags
The It Bag: Sini, $345 (converted from euros at current exchange rates)
Why We Love It: The silver foil stamp, smooth periwinkle leather, and perfect proportions are all so right now. It’s minimalism at its finest!


The Brand: Mary Lai

The It Bag: The Knox Backpack, $458
Why We Love It: The backpack trend is still going strong, but it’s a slippery slope from downtown cool to downright childish. This one has the look of a shopper with those oh-so-convenient straps that make multitasking that much easier.


The Brand: La Contrie

The It Bag: Rohan, $805 (converted from the euro at current exchange rates)
Why We Love It: While this is the priciest of the lot, take note that designer Edwina de Charette handmakes each bag in the color and cord combinations of your choosing. And the quality is terrific; you’ll wear this one for years to come.


The Brand: OK Autumn
The It Bag: Standard Circle bag, $350
Why We Love It: London-based designers Hyung-ok Park and Autumn Gaeul Ryu are all about geometry and architecture. This bucket-duffel hybrid is based is based on a circle and folds flat. Perfect for travel!


The Brand: Kara

The It Bag: Large Stowaway Bag, $390
Why We Love It: If you love the look of a minimal bag but prefer something unstructured (a.k.a. the bag you can stuff everything but the kitchen sink into), this is your best bet. Plus, the zip closure is ideal when you’re wearing it cross-body, so no one can tell that you’ve packed your gym clothes among other unmentionables in there. Don’t worry, we won’t tell either.


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