Paris It Girl Josephine de la Baume Opens Up Her Closet to Show Real French-Girl Style

Of the current masters of French-girl style, actress/singer/model Josephine de la Baume is one who deserves a lot of space on your inspiration board. The perfectly mussed beauty hangs on the rock-star side of the style spectrum, making her recent interview with British Vogue full of some predictable reveals (i.e., she prefers leather to denim and chains to ribbon). What we weren’t expecting? Such clear-cut directives about how to nail French-girl style.

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Per de la Baume, it’s about earthy neutrals and a lot of black jeans, plus a fearless approach to sizes that don’t actually fit.

“It’s obviously triple my size,” she explained about a jacket she stole from her husband, Mark Ronson. She admitted to wearing a lot of men’s coats and making them work by pinning or scrunching sleeves. The shearling-sleeve topper she wore to Glastonbury has the same oversize look that hints it could have been stolen from the boys (though we think one this chic was probably hers from the beginning).


The style star also perfectly hit why French women (and stylish sorts all across the globe) are so drawn to vintage pieces.

“I like having clothes that have some sentimental value, have some history attached to it,” she said. “I think it’s fun to have clothes [where] there’s not really two of them. I feel like it was someone’s at some point, it’s already gone through fantastic parties.”


That love for retro style is never more apparent than on the red carpet, where de la Baume often shows stunning pieces that typically look plucked straight from the closet of an elegant woman who’s spent previous decades holding court at the best-dressed parties of Paris. For a summertime party in Cannes, she glowed alongside hubby Ronson in a long-sleeve, high-necked gown that we’re betting was a decadent find from the past.

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