The Dos and Don’ts of Pulling Off the Athleisure Fashion Trend

OK, guys, deep breath. The athleisure trend isn’t going anywhere—if anything, it’s picking up steam for the year ahead.

Some might rejoice at this news: What? I get to wear my comfy gym clothes to brunch and even to drinks? Yahoo! There are others, however, that will shudder at the thought: Seriously, Glamour? You want me to wear my gym leggings on a date? Just, no.

But like all good things, this trend is best pulled off at a happy medium. The sportswear-meets-street wear blend is tricky, so when it comes to athleisure, it’s all about balance. For instance, you can mix slouchy cashmere pants with a cropped jacket; add a sporty jacket to a work look; or slip into a pair of sneakers when headed out on a date. To get specific, let’s turn to athleisure pros, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and athleisure OG, Gwen Stefani to see the Dos and Don’ts of pulling it off.

Do: Like Kendall Jenner, add a pair of crisp white ultra sporty kicks with a black minidress and chic, tailored coat.
Don’t: Wear ratty or beat-up sneakers. It will tone down your overall polish.

Do: Break up the traditional tracksuit, like Gwen Stefani, who paired her Adidas zip-up with skinny jeans and a plaid flannel shirt.
Don’t: Go head-to-toe tracksuit. Because frankly, it’s not 2001.

Do: Dress up your cashmere sweatpants with a leather biker jacket and bright blue felt hat, like Cara Delevingne. It’s a great look for traveling and casual days.
Don’t: Wear this to an event or something special. It’s a casual piece that can get you to brunch and back (and sure, some shopping in-between).

Do: Dress it up, à la Hailey Baldwin, who added a dose of athleisure to her look by pairing a silk blouse, miniskirt, and heeled booties with a baseball jacket. This outfit works for a casual office environment or even a date night!
Don’t: Wear anything too oversize. Baggy fitting pieces will end up looking messy.

Do: Throw on a pair of booties with your track pants! We love how Gigi Hadid mixes track pants with a tailored coat and heeled ankle booties for a casual and sporty wintertime look.
Don’t: Wear high-heels, pumps, or dressy sandals. This is about being chic and comfy—it’s not about trying too hard.

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